Sketching, the agony! Idea books better.

This is a quick response to the follow article. Its from Nov. 12 – Artist Daily  ‏@ArtistDaily tweeted a link to the article. Oddly enough when I was thinking of writing my own piece on sketchbooks.

Sketch I Will!!!!!!!

First sentence ” I find that being an artist or art student is a bit like being a parent. The phrase: “Do what I say, not what I do” is too often applicable. ” When i was teaching at Kent State I forced my students ( it was part of there grade any way) to keep a sketchbook. “Draw a bit every day”  I said. “Anything and everything”  I sad.  “This is important” well for your grade anyway.

What is the point. When I was a student i didn’t like it. As an artist I still don’t. Am i amazed and inspired by others who keep amazing little drawing where ever they go? SURE! Its not for me, its hard, If I sketch it dulls my larger works, too much time too much thought, no heart in that bound horrible paper. ( i love good paper.)

Do i change this? Do i try as Judith tries.

While this question is still up in the air and the benefits can be argued to favor. I put more effort into “Idea Books.” My idea books resemble the composition books John Doe made in seven. More writing and ‘napkin’ doodles. Its a way for me to spill ideas so I can sleep at night,

* I’m sure there’s some grammar and passive voice probemswpid-PicsArt_13790291829251