The art of Instagram

Instagram Art

I am by no stretch of the imagination what I would call a successful artist. Until then I do live and work in the world of professional art, sigh, a Graphic Designer. Primarily in the web part of that world. On any given day I’m making site updates designing sites, recommending approaches on social networking and SEO. But in regards to those recommendations, I, and I i’ll admit it freely, am kinda a noob. At least in implementation, not necessarily theory.


Instagram Art Hashtags

For some reason I wouldn’t dare to but my pieces on deviantart but I use instagram. And I Hate every second of it. I throw my drawing into a giant cesspool of selfies, drawings of eyes, and horrid manga attempts. Over 12 million images hashtagged drawing, and still I wait for likes and follows.


Instagram Artists

Why do I even put this here? What is the point? Its for that link they let me have at the top. I should tweet more, blog more, post to forums. Which I am telling you do that! They don’t allow links in comments on instagram. At Least that I’m aware of. But I put them in. Is it pointless probably not, something there is probably better than something not.


Instagram vs Tumblr & Twitter

I instagram for my name to be places. It also creates fodder for other more important digital spheres like twitter, or tumblr. That will probably help the most. Think about it: relevant content, being shared, hashtags, links ,quotes, and images. Every drawing repost comment gets you back the Patrick Dew website.


Art Instagram Followers

Followers are that important its the links, my name with the word drawing tied to it. It won’t matter until there  alot of them, and when there’s that many its irrelevant.