sequence: meta-noir narratives

Sequence: Meta-Noir Narratives is a series of ink drawings and specialty prints that reflect the tone and mood of film noir.  This tone and mood is obtained by implementation of a ‘noir filter.’ The filter is applied to appropriated images from contemporary motion pictures. The selection of these appropriated images is based on the cinematic conventions of camera angles, lighting and/or mise-en-scene theory. Visually,the filter is the conversion of a digital still into an expressive monochromatic ink drawing that features a low key lighting effect.  This rendering hinders immediate recognition of the image, thereby introducing a sense of déjà vu. The conversion also enables the manipulation of characters and settings of the digital stills. These drawings are sequenced into freely formed non-linear splintered chronologies.  The free form method utilizes the juxtaposition of camera shots, subject matter, psychological effect and value.  The images are rendered at various scales. The small ink drawings are sequenced in order to emphasize the splintered chronology of film noir and non-linear filmmakers like JeanLuc Godard.  The large drawings serve to magnify and direct attention to certain film conventions such as oblique angles and lateral visual focus, which effects are lost when rendering images at a small scale.