the ‘art’ of social media / seo

Honestly, I feel like I’m beating a dead horse. Perhaps i should rephrase; I feel like I’m asking a race horse to be an ox. Sure a horse can pull but it wasn’t made to.

A screwdriver isn’t a hammer.
A sports car is not a truck.
A swan isn’t a duck , blah blah blah.

These drawings of mine were never made for instagram, and youtube or facebook albums. (the youtube link isn’t ready lol). But I’m asking them to be – can they hold, will they hold. I could say the same thing about my site.

The drawings have been cropped, re-sized, moved, re-saved. I’ve seen them more on screen then I ever saw the ink, felt the paper, or cleaned up charcoal.

I have nothing profound to say, but I will continue to whore them out.wpid-PicsArt_13790291829251

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