This is grounds for…. drawing

I found a strange thing. It’s a craft thing but it is an interesting thing. Most of my money /for art/ is spent on substrate and ground.  I’m currently off paper, although i love it, for the simple fact of mounting and framing after the fact is difficult and or costly, So instead i have been using panel. I can cradle or not. But the ground is the expensive part. I use ink and charcoal, so I need something absorbent, more then just gesso. And Absorbent Ground by Golden is expensive.

So want is this curious strange thing i found? Chalkboard paint. I knew the black/dark green was around but this time found white. If the result is anything like a chalkboard’s texture / pore – It maybe the the thing for me.  The only thing left to do is try it,

Should i try it. Is it worth drawing on>