8×8 Pan & Scan

8″x 8″ ink on paper

8x8_121012a 8x8_121012b 8x8-111912a 8x8-111912b 8x8-111912c 8x8-111912d


Launch Pad Cooperative in Toledo

Some of these drawings originally done for a group show, 8×8, in Toledo Ohio at the Launch Pad Cooperative The ratio/ format was an opportunity for Patrick Dew to deviate from the wide landscape format.

Ink Drawing & Passive Direction

These drawings by Patrick Dew, emerging artist, are an exercise / attempt at passive directing. Films used to be commonly ‘ruined’ for television with a method called pan and scan.  Each shot with in the film is cropped and the ‘camera’ moved throughout the frame in order to place the film with in the tv friendly ratio. This result is “passive directing,” as framing is not done by the director.

Meta Noir Art a Art of Appropriation

Passive Direction is a conversation in parallel to the deja vu appropriation methodology used in other Patrick Dew’s series.